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Sliding Automation Technology‘s automatic sliding door system is universally designed to retrofit to most free-running sliding doors including sliding glass door, aluminium frame doors, patio door, fly screen door, internal pocket doors, bathroom cavity doors, wooden sliding doors and frameless sliding glass doors.​


With automatic sliding doors from Slide Automation Technology, you’ll have complete convenience and satisfaction when walking in and out of your home. Whether you’re doing laundry or watching your kids playing outside, automatic sliding doors will give you the convenience of never using your hands to open the doors.


Constantly getting up from your couch isn’t practical. Especially if it’s to let your pets in and out of the house. Automatic sliding doors makes your home practical by letting in (or out) pets with the touch of a button, or automatically. Kids, pets, and chores are no longer a hassle thanks to the technology by Sliding Automation Technology.


Do you enjoy having people over? If you like having parties in the backyard, then automatic sliding doors are perfect for you. Instead of having guests constantly open and close your sliding doors, our technology will simplify this and safeguard your sliding doors. Your social lifestyle just got easier – and your sliding doors will last longer. Guaranteed.


Opening and closing your sliding doors manually can be bad for both the sliding doors, and for you. If you are handicapped or is currently suffering from injuries, then automatic sliding doors are essential for your life. Whether you’re on crutches or using a wheelchair, our technology will make your life easier by automating your sliding doors.


  • More Efficient 94%
  • Longer Life For Sliding Doors 73%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%


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