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Sliding Automation Technology Products

The SAT Starter Kit is the first step in automating your existing sliding doors. Create an automatic patio door entrance in less than 60 minutes. Once installed, doors can be opened with just a push of a button. Doors will then automatically close after a pre-programmed time delay which can be adjusted to suit your preference.

Worried about the neighbor’s cats or unwanted animals entering your home? Then the SAT i3 Ultimate Pet Door Bundle is the perfect solution for you. For some households, the motion pet sensors are not a good option and you also want to have control from around the house. The SAT i3 ID Ultimate Pet Door Bundle was developed for this situation.With the help of a special magnetic pet sensor, only pets wearing the magnetic collar tag will be able to trigger a pet open when they are within range of the sensor. ​ In addition to the i3 Collar Kit, you also get two of the SAT four button remote key fobs. Use your remotes from up to 50 feet away to open, close, and change modes on your SAT unit.

The SAT Ultimate Wireless Bundle comes loaded with the works! This Ultimate Wireless Bundle has everything you need to create a truly automatic sliding patio door for your home.

The bundle comes packed with everything you get from our Starter Kit plus two 4-button remote control key fobs and two wireless infrared sensors! Everything in one discounted bundle price!

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